New weekly devotions for teens

New in 2016, the WELS Commission on Youth and Family is introducing “Transformed: Devotions connecting teens to Christ,” a weekly devotion tailored specifically for the Christian teenager.

Rev. Nathan Bourman, a member of the committee producing the devotions, says, “We recognize a need to address devotions and topics pertinent to the lives of teens. They face unique challenges and we want to try to bring God’s transforming Word to them. We recognize the challenges and changes in their lives and want to connect them to the one thing that never changes.”

Each Sunday, a new devotion is published online at Or, they can be delivered via e-mail by subscribing at

Bourman says, “These devotions could be used simply to share and pass on to the teens and youth leaders for their own personal devotions. That’s really the intended purpose. But beyond that simple purpose, they could also be used in group settings and perhaps could even be a starting point for a Bible study.”

The devotions for teenagers join an offering of devotions already available on that were developed to meet WELS members’ needs. The most popular, WELS Daily Devotion, reaches tens of thousands of people every day via e-mail,, and the WELS mobile app. Women’s devotions, weekly devotions for military service people, and weekly devotions for early childhood educators also are available at