New movie focuses on outreach

Filming starts in January for the final movie in a series of four outreach movies that are a collaboration between WELS Commission on Evangelism, Northwestern Publishing House, WELS Multi-Language Publications, and Boettcher+Trinklein Television, Inc.

Rev. Mike Hintz, director of WELS Evangelism, says that while the first three movies—Road to Emmaus, Come Follow Me, and My Son, My Savior—focused on the life and ministry of Jesus, the final movie will follow the apostle Paul and his work in Philippi. “Our goal for this movie is to show in a dramatic way how the gospel is spread into the world following the command of Jesus and to show how it impacted people’s lives,” says Hintz.

The title, To the Ends of the Earth, is taken directly from Jesus’ command to his disciples at his Ascension: “You will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth” (Acts 1:8).

The goal is to complete the movie by the end of summer 2018 in time for congregations to use the film and accompanying materials in the fall for a special mission emphasis Sunday.

Hintz says the movie would not be possible except for funding help from Church Mutual Insurance Company Foundation; WELS Foundation’s Shared Blessings donor advised fund; Multi-Language Publications; and gifts from groups, congregations, and individuals.

“In the end, the movie is to help us see that this continues to be a wonderful privilege for us to continue this work of sharing the Word so that many more can come to faith,” say Hintz.

The other outreach movies—Road to Emmaus, Come Follow Me, and My Son, My Savior—have had more than a million viewers through TV, DVDs, and online media and have been translated into a dozen different languages. All three movies are still available from Northwestern Publishing House, Right now there also is a limited time offer of free shipping on quantity orders of My Son, My Savior. Learn more at