New investment option for endowment funds

Beginning in August, WELS Investment Funds (WIF) will be offering a new investment option designed specifically to meet the objectives of endowments.

The new portfolio, WELS Endowment Fund, will comprise 75 percent equity and 25 percent fixed income. In addition to this new option, WELS Investment Funds will continue to offer the WELS Balanced Fund, WELS Equity Fund, and WELS Income Fund.

On multiple occasions Vanguard Institutional Advisory Services® (Vanguard), WELS Investment Fund’s investment consultant, presented reports to the WIF board on alternative asset allocations for endowment funds. The reports identified the expected return and volatility statistics for various asset allocations over a 10-year and 30-year time horizon. Vanguard noted the 75 percent equity and 25 percent fixed income allocation was commonly used for endowment funds, and after a thorough evaluation, the board determined this option could benefit WELS ministries’ investments.

WELS Investment Funds offers four investment portfolios:

  • NEW WELS Endowment Fund–75% equity, 25% fixed income
  • WELS Balanced Fund–60% equity, 40% fixed income
  • WELS Equity Fund–100% equity
  • WELS Income Fund–100% fixed income

WELS Investment Funds provides cost-effective, professionally managed investment portfolios exclusively for WELS and WELS affiliated ministries. By pooling resources with other congregations, ministries and churches can take advantage of lower-cost, institution-priced investment opportunities.

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