Magazine to highlight WELS World Mission fields

One of the greatest privileges I have had is to visit the world mission fields where our synod works to proclaim the gospel. Even though you may not have the opportunity to visit those places yourself, it’s important for all members of our synod to get a glimpse of the work we are doing around the world and to see how God is blessing those efforts.

Starting with the January 2015 issue, Forward in Christ (FIC) magazine will be featuring a new series that will highlight the people being reached around the world through WELS World Missions.

“Wherever the gospel is proclaimed the Holy Spirit works to bring people to treasure a Savior for all the world,” says Rev. John Braun, FIC executive editor. “We want to bring some of these stories to your attention—stories about people who have come to love Jesus.”

Each month will focus on a particular mission field and introduce you to one of its national workers or members. In January, you will meet Rev. Faidal Kubala Beza, a national pastor from the Lutheran Church of Central Africa–Malawi, and learn what it is like serving as a minister in Africa. Upcoming issues will highlight our WELS brothers and sisters from Mexico, Russia, and many other places that God is enabling us to work.

Additional Web content and blogs will be available to round out the picture of the mission work being conducted in a particular field. Short PowerPoint presentations that share pictures and facts about WELS mission fields will also be available to download for use during the offering or at the conclusion of a worship service. A new presentation that corresponds with the mission field being highlighted in FIC will be available each month.

“Many of the people we work with in our world mission fields live in conditions that are hard for an American to grasp,” says Rev. Larry Schlomer, administrator for World Missions. “Here is a chance for you to see how WELS mission efforts are changing hopes and eternity for those who otherwise would have been completely lost.”

We hope this information will help you feel a greater connection with the mission work you are a part of.

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Serving in Christ,
President Mark Schroeder