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In 2014, Forward in Christ (FIC) will be celebrating its 100th anniversary. Preparations are underway to commemorate the decision in the summer of 1913 to publish a magazine written in English to bring God’s message into its members’ homes.

“We’ve come a long way in 100 years, but we have not changed two things,” says John Braun, FIC executive editor. “First, we still cling to the truths God has revealed to us in the Scriptures. Second, we still wish to communicate with the people in the homes of our synod in everyday language.”

FIC is also looking to communicate with its readers using the technology of today. So as part of its anniversary celebration, the magazine will, for the first time, be offered digitally to individual subscribers, beginning with the July issue.

The digital edition will be offered free from July to December 2013 and then will be available through an individual subscription. “The print version will still be there for you in your mailbox or at church,” says Braun, “but individual subscribers now can read the magazine on a tablet or computer as well.”

Besides offering a new way to read the magazine, FIC is planning on including special articles and features throughout 2014 to look back at the past one hundred years of the synod as seen through the pages of the magazine.

Braun says that reader input also will play an important part in the anniversary celebration. “Tell us why you read the magazine or some of your favorite stories from the magazine through the years,” he says. “Or come up with a creative way to say happy anniversary. We’ll share the best comments in the magazine.” An online form is available to share memories and thoughts at

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