One way to do the Lord’s work into the future

CGA illustration 350x263

Charitable gift annuity illustration

Reuben Hoppe, 92, and his wife Arline, 87, just established their second charitable gift annuity (CGA)—and they gave their adult children a portion of their inheritance early so that they, too, could establish CGAs. When asked why they chose to support gospel ministry through CGAs, they said, “We feel so blessed and know where the blessings come from. This is one way we can do the Lord’s work into the future.”

A charitable gift annuity allows you to support ministry and provide for yourself or your loved ones with fixed annuity payments for life. Consider this sample single life annuity illustration for someone who is 75 years old (rates vary based on age). You can receive your own personalized CGA illustration using WELS Foundation’s Gift Guide.

If interested in more information and gift help by a WELS Christian giving counselor, call WELS Ministry of Christian Giving at 800-827-5482.