Live parenting webcast

Forward in Christ’s new parenting column, Heart to heart: Parent conversations, is hosting its first live webcast on Tues., March 10, at 8 p.m. (central). Get to know three of the column’s authors and ask them questions.

Laura Schaefer, a mother of three young children, has been following the Heart to heart articles since their debut in the January issue and has joined the conversation online at the column’s blog. She says, “I’m connected online with many friends and relatives that are parents, and we share stories, ask for advice, and support each other. I find the Heart to heart group valuable—in addition to my own network—because the range of topics being discussed is more broad and the pool of parents leaving comments is new to me. The authors come from different walks of life and are at different points on the path of parenthood. Getting to know them through their bios, their writing, and this webcast is a privilege and an encouragement to me.”

The conversation of the March webcast will focus on the topic of March’s column: “How do we talk about Jesus with our children?” Sometimes we as parents struggle to talk about Jesus in natural ways with our children. It’s easy to read them a Bible story about Jesus, but it’s harder to apply that story as a situation unfolds. See how authors Wendy Heyn, Dan Nommensen, and Ann Jahns deal with this topic with their children and share ways that you talk about Jesus with your children.

Does your congregation have a mom’s group? This would be a great get-together. The group can participate in the broadcast and then have its own discussion after the broadcast is over. Or consider making a date with your spouse to tune in after you put the kids to bed.

To view the webcast, go to You can also participate in the discussion via the chat feature.

> WATCH LIVE on March 10 at 8:00 p.m. (central)