Interactive Faith Bible study

The next six-week Interactive Faith Bible study will begin Wed., Sept. 21, 2016. Rev. John Braun, vice president at Northwestern Publishing House, will lead the study twice each Wednesday at 6 p.m. and 8 p.m. (central) through Oct. 26.

The theme of Braun’s study is “What does this mean? The continuing importance of Luther’s Small Catechism.”

“We will study the importance of Luther’s Small Catechism for our own society and culture. We will review the six chief parts. What does it mean for Christian morality in today’s world without moral standards? What does it mean for Christian beliefs in a world where you can believe anything? What does it mean for Christian devotion and our personal relationship with God? What does it mean for our church life as Lutherans when the church appears to be more social than spiritual? The class will start with a little history of the Catechism and its importance in the Reformation and conclude with a discussion of what the future may hold for us and the next generation,” says Braun.

Thousands of WELS members have participated in the Interactive Faith Bible studies, which are held twice a year and led by a WELS pastor or professor. Many congregations gather as a group for the study; other WELS members connect as couples or individuals. The studies are designed to have 10 to 15 minutes of lecture by the instructor, followed by 5 to 10 minutes for congregations to discuss a question or two or do further study. Participants can interact with the instructor via a chat box on the live stream.

“These studies are not meant to replace the faithfulness of our pastors and teachers and lay leaders in our congregations. They are intended to give another option to God’s people for encouragement,” says Rev. Gary Pufahl, Commission on Adult Discipleship chairman. “Whether you live in a bustling city or on the plains, we are in this world together with the same purpose—reach more people with the precious, life-changing Word of God. It is through God’s Word that Jesus connects people to himself for eternity.”

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