Help us reach our goal!

“I want to say thank you to WELS because you have given me peace. I did not have peace until I learned the gospel in these classes. All of us here are learning so many things. We take the things we learn here and teach them to our people. The printed materials, translated into our language, are very useful to us. All of us are baptized now, including our babies. We have peace and joy from the true teaching of God’s Word.” PASTOR CHAPLAI, HMONG FELLOWSHIP CHURCH

In 2018, God’s grace opened the door to an unprecedented mission opportunity for our synod. The communist Vietnamese government invited WELS to build a theological training facility in the capital city of Hanoi.

In December 2018, WELS began collecting a special offering with the goal of raising $2 million to purchase land, construct the campus, and cover the initial two years of operational costs for the training facility. Since then, WELS members like you have contributed $1.7 million towards our $2 million goal. Thank you for your generous support!


Rev. Bounkeo Lor has accepted the call and was commissioned to serve as permanent Hmong Asia Ministry Coordinator in July. Pastor Lor will continue to oversee the education program that he and members of the Pastoral Studies Institute (PSI) are currently developing and implementing. Other calls are currently being made to staff the theological education center in Hanoi once it is built.


In April, a memorandum of understanding was signed by WELS and Vietnamese Fellowship Church representatives confirming we can move forward with all land purchase, construction, and training plans. Land has been purchased and cleared, and construction negotiations are currently underway. Construction begins in October.


WELS and Vietnamese Fellowship Church leaders at the construction site for the future theological training facility.

There are more than 120,000 members of the Hmong Fellowship Church and 2 million Hmong people throughout Southeast Asia who are hungry to hear the truth of God’s grace. Our synod has the unique opportunity to train 3,000+ pastors within the Hmong Fellowship Church, who will take the message of God’s grace to the nine districts throughout Vietnam.

This mission opportunity was completely unexpected. Our WELS World Missions team is working quickly to ensure funds are in place to take full advantage of the time the Lord has provided. We need your help to make the most of this opportunity. Will you offer a gift today to help us meet our $2 million goal?

Your prayers and gifts will assist us as we share the message of God’s grace with even more Hmong people in Vietnam and the surrounding countries. Join us as we watch the Holy Spirit change earthly lives and open the door to eternal life for our Hmong brothers and sisters on the other side of the world.

Thank you for your consideration in support of this unprecedented opportunity!

“Thank you for supporting these classes. When we look back on our past selves, we see that we were like the Pharisees. In our sermons we were telling people that they needed to be better in order to be right with God. But now we know the gospel and are living with joy. We have given the blessings of baptism to all our children and infants. I am very happy that I can come to Hanoi to learn more about the Lord. The members are happy. The elders are happy. I am so happy.” PASTOR LONG, HMONG FELLOWSHIP CHURCH