God is working through us

Dear Friend,

Melissa, an atheist, stopped by the booth of our mission congregation in Atlanta and, out of curiosity, signed up for Bible information class. Through the course, the Holy Spirit worked in her heart so that she knows Jesus and is now one of the congregation’s most active members.

A student attended a campus ministry’s chapel service seeking answers about God’s Word. Gospel seeds were planted that led to her being baptized.

Wisick Jeffrey, a boy in a Muslim community in Malawi, Africa, was invited by friends to attend Sunday school. The Spirit worked through the Lord’s gospel, and he was eventually confirmed. When Wisick received resistance from his parents, he was mentored by another Christian from his community who helped him study for ministry. Wisick is now one of the national pastors working with WELS in Malawi.

These are a few of the stories from WELS’ annual report titled “Your Gifts, God’s Blessings” (read it at wels.net/annualreport)—and just a sampling of the impact God is making in people’s lives through the message of Christ.

How incredible that, as we celebrated in 2018 the 125th anniversary of our first world mission field on the Apache reservation, WELS is working in 40 foreign countries and exploring outreach opportunities in 14 prospective new fields!

WELS also started ten new home missions this past year and was able to provide support for mission-minded ministry in another seven established congregations.

God has expanded the reach of our ministerial education schools. Technology and ease of travel allow our schools to take training to other nations while people of other nations are increasingly attending our schools in the U.S. Our students and graduates are also enjoying more opportunities to participate in ministry in other countries.

WELS is also focused on local ministry. WELS Congregational Services is tuned into helping with the challenges faced by our churches, schools, and early childhood programs as we share our Savior with the generations to come.

It’s truly an exciting time to be a member of WELS, to see God opening so many doors around the world, and to have the privilege of using our abundant blessings to bless others in ways that would be impossible to do individually!

About 75 percent of WELS’ operating budget comes from Congregation Mission Offerings. In recent years, despite declining membership, these offerings have remained level. We praise God and thank you for this! The remaining 25 percent of synod support comes from gifts above and beyond regular offerings. Please consider making a special one-time or recurring gift to our Savior for “WELS Mission and Ministry” in 2019 to continue current ministry and to address the new opportunities God grants us. Please, also, join us in thanking God for his hand at work among us and asking that he would continue to bless our gospel proclamation to his glory. Thank you.

Yours in Christ,
Kurt Lueneburg
WELS Director of Christian Giving