Give while you live . . . and later

Some loyal donors have discovered a way to continue supporting the work of Jesus on earth after they have gone to be with him in heaven. They make arrangements now to provide a gift through their will for the benefit of a WELS endowment fund or they can establish a testamentary fund for the benefit of WELS through WELS Foundation that will provide annual gifts in perpetuity.

For example, “Mr. and Mrs. Foresight” have been making annual gifts of $2,000 to WELS for a number of years. In their will they arrange for $50,000 toward an endowment fund. Thereafter, an amount approximately equal to their previous annual gifts will go to WELS each year.

There are other ways to create an endowment fund. For example, the Foresights can make a gift now with appreciated real estate or securities, avoid capital gains, receive a current tax deduction, and receive an income for their lives. Later, after they have been taken to heaven, whatever remains of the gift could be used to establish an endowment fund (provided the remainder is at least $25,000).

If you are interested in learning more about giving to or establishing an endowment fund, contact your local WELS Christian giving counselor. He can help you explore the possibilities and benefits.