Fifty speakers fire up MLC students at Evangelism Day

“Your Kingdom Come” was the theme of Martin Luther College’s 11th annual Evangelism Day on Jan. 20.

The day opened with worship led by Rev. Mark Jeske, pastor at St. Marcus, Milwaukee, Wis., and Time of Grace Ministries. Then about 50 pastors, teachers, missionaries, staff ministers, and lay leaders addressed students about what’s happening out there and how students can further prepare themselves to share the gospel: with Mormons, with the poor, in Spanish, in urban centers, on digital platforms, through early childhood ministries—the list goes on and on.

One highlight this year was a presentation by an MLC student on the persecution of Christians in Syria. This student, a Syrian Christian himself, has taken Bible classes and joined our fellowship. His family remains in Syria—and we pray for them.

Another highlight was a presentation by Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary Professor Daniel Leyrer, who spoke specifically to junior and senior men in pre-seminary studies about how they can equip their future congregations for evangelism.

MLC conducts its annual Evangelism Day in conjunction with the WELS Commission on Evangelism and Commission on Lutheran Schools. All students attend a blend of required and elective workshops.

“It’s a day set aside so that the Spirit can fill the hearts of both faculty and students with excitement and gratitude,” said MLC President Mark Zarling. “Excitement as we learn more about the amazing things the Lord Jesus is doing through the gospel. Gratitude as we think of almost 50 people who come to New Ulm and share with us the good news about the power of the Good News.”

Students responded enthusiastically to the day, each with their own memories of the speaker who brought them to tears, the ministry opportunity they’d never considered before, the “aha moment.”

“This day not only motivates us all,” Zarling continued, “but it keeps us grounded in our mission as a college and our connection to the Great Commission.”