Women counselors

I understand that as a woman I am not to have authority over men in the church. What I don't understand is why women can't have the same level of education men receive at seminary in order to hold a position in the church to teach and counsel other women. Women in the church are often not comfortable going to a male pastor with questions and life situations that men do not have an understanding of like a woman does. Thank you for your time.

I understand and agree that a woman might find it more comfortable to speak to another woman about life situations. Having that option in a congregation would be beneficial.

Women can certainly seek training to “teach and counsel other women.” An example of that would be a female staff minister. While the program plan for staff ministry at Martin Luther College contains an introductory course in the basics of Christian counseling, a woman would want to receive more in-depth training to provide regular, formal counseling in a congregation.

You might be interested to know that the program plan referenced above also calls for eighteen credits of theology courses. That makes for a good foundation of biblical knowledge.