WELS and organizations

While I know WELS tends to remain silent on anything political, I am wondering if WELS has looked into the organization Black Lives Matter. Thank you for your time.

The silence on the synod’s part that you acknowledged is applicable to your question. We trust that the members of our church body are equipped to evaluate organizations of any kind to determine any involvement on their part.

Through the office of our church body’s president, WELS recently issued a statement addressing the unrest in our country. The statement included these thoughts: “We ask God’s forgiveness for our own lack of love and compassion for our neighbors and for taking for granted the peace and freedom that God has provided to us. We ask God to confirm in us the conviction that racism in any form is contrary to the Christian faith and inconsistent with the love that God expects us to have for all. We pray for a government and for institutions that strive to see to it that all people are treated with equality and justice.”

At its meeting in October, the Conference of Presidents will be discussing these issues and how they might be addressed in keeping with biblical principles and our mission. Your question will be part of that discussion.