Stepmother and church

What should I do if I was confirmed in a WELS church and my stepmom won't let me go? She insists on taking me to another church that is nothing like I learned. I have tried talking to her but I am now to afraid to say what I believe.

There is information I am lacking as I try to respond to your question. If you were confirmed in one of our congregations, that means you established communicant membership there. Are you still a member of that congregation? If so, you will want to speak to your pastor about your situation. He would also want to speak to your stepmother.

Your age is another piece of information I do not have. I do not know if you are dependent on your stepmother for a ride to church or if you have other ways of getting to church (while speaking to your stepmother about this of course).

I also do not know if your father is in the picture and if he belongs to one of our congregations. Input from him would be valuable.

With the limited information I do have, all I can suggest is that you overcome your fear of speaking to your stepmother and have another conversation with her about this subject. Perhaps you could list the teachings of her church that go against what you learned and confessed to be true at your confirmation. Use a Bible in your conversation, asking your stepmother to explain her church’s teachings while you explain your faith. God bless such a conversation.