Thank you for the great answer given earlier on this site to a person wondering about whether or not they could use marijuana in a God-pleasing way. However, in addition to the encouragement of being sober-minded, couldn’t we also speak strongly against getting high as being a sin also? By getting high I mean purposely taking marijuana with high doses of THC with the intent of getting high, in the same way a person drinks to excess to get drunk? Let’s face it, many take the drug for that reason. Thank you for considering this added element of the question for me.

There are two questions on the website that address the use of marijuana, so I am not sure which question and answer you are specifically addressing with your comments and question. Both responses warn against actions that dull a person’s senses and lead to loss of self-control. As we can see sin in those actions, your “added element” is certainly an appropriate emphasis to the previously-posted questions and answers. Thank you for passing that along.