Relocation and church options

I grew up in a WELS church and attended a WELS high school. Work has taken me to a place where there are only two WELS churches in the entire state, with the closest one about 1.5 hours away. What are my options?

I would encourage you to contact the pastor of that congregation to alert him to your situation and location. It is possible that he may be able to serve your spiritual needs in ways that you and I are not aware of at this point. It could also be that there are other WELS members in your vicinity, and that could lead to exploring options of how best to serve everyone. Your pastor could also contact the chairman of your district’s mission board. This is how new mission congregations can get started.

In the meantime, you can find devotional materials on this web site to supplement your Bible and devotional reading. This link provides information on devotional media resources from congregations throughout our synod.

Finally, when you searched for a WELS congregation for your new location, I’m wondering if you looked also for an ELS congregation. If you use the WELS Locator tool, that will display WELS and ELS congregations in the search results.

God bless you!