Joining WELS

I’m talking to a young lady whom I’m considering to date and be my future wife. I’m non-denomination and she’s WELS Lutheran. She wants her future husband to be WELS Lutheran. Is it wrong for me to convert from non-denomination to WELS Lutheran?

It would be wrong only if you joined your friend’s church simply because of your desire to have a relationship with her. Membership in a congregation and church body implies that a person’s faith matches the confession of that church and church body.

WELS congregations offer Bible Information Classes (or ones with similar titles) that explain biblical teachings. Upon completion of the classes, adult confirmation is available for those who profess that the instruction they have received is what the Bible teaches.  Adult confirmation would then establish membership.

I would encourage you to attend the classes offered by your friend’s congregation. With your background, you will especially be interested in the lessons on Baptism and the Lord’s Supper.

God bless your study of the Bible!