In-person and online Bible classes

Hello! I tend to be more introverted and find being in large spaces with people I do not know to be not pleasant. While in a congregation I do have a common faith to connect with others, I tend to enjoy the digital classes and personal studies more fulfilling. Some days though, I am very comfortable with going alone. Is it OK to do virtual/personal studies and attend on the days when I feel comfortable to be in public?

In light of how you have described your life circumstances, your approach sounds reasonable. Health concerns these days lead many people to opt for streaming worship services and online Bible classes.

If the concern is being with people in general and not your physical health, then that is a matter you could discuss with a medical professional.

Certainly, one of the blessings that has emerged in the past few months has been the flexibility of congregations in meeting the spiritual needs of their members. God’s blessings to you.