Help for Amish neighbor

I am WELS. I have a neighbor who is Amish and she struggles with the Amish bishops and all of the rules and regulations. She reads the Bible a lot and believes it is the word of God. She says the bishop doesn't like her reading the Bible and she is supposed to believe that what he preaches is all she needs. I told her whenever she is told something contrary to what she has read in the Bible, ask him where in the Bible she can find that. I'm trying to help her to strengthen her faith. I'm not trying to convert her. I hope and pray you understand the question and give me some direction. Thank you.

I do not find a question in your remarks, but if you are wondering about the advice you have given to your friend, I agree with it.

God’s will is that we read his word (John 5:39). God’s instructions to the people of Israel demonstrated how much he wanted them to use his word in their daily lives (Deuteronomy 6:6-9). Scripture provides a good example to follow in listening to what people say and then comparing that to the teachings of the Bible (Acts 17:11). It sounds like you are encouraging your friend to follow that example. That encouragement on your part is good.

The more we treasure God’s word, the more we will want to read it, listen to it and study it (Psalm 119).