Explaining death to a child

How do I explain to my 8-year-old child why her Grandmother's body is still here if she is in heaven? How can I comfort her when she sees her Grandmother's body in the casket at the funeral and the thought of her being buried?

First, may you and your family find peace and strength in the victory over death which Jesus secured by his resurrection and which he shares with those joined to him in faith.

You could explain to your daughter that each person consists of two parts: one part that we can see (the body) and one part that we cannot see (the soul). When a person dies, the part that we can see remains on earth, while the part we cannot see goes to God’s presence in heaven (in the case of a Christian). The part that we can see does not have any life in it, but the part we cannot see is very much alive in the presence of God. One day, on the last day, God will join that person’s body and soul together, and life will continue that way forever. For the Christian that life will be perfect and glorious.

I hope this gives you some ideas. God bless you and your family.