Differences between synods

What is the difference between this synod and the Missouri Synod? Any theological variance, or just geographic? I was raised in the Missouri Synod and, due to relocation, am looking for a new church to call home.

The main differences fall in the categories of church and ministry, the application of fellowship principles, and the roles of men and women.

There are many, many essays on the Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary Essay File that document the history, theology and practices of the two synods, and their relationship to one another throughout the years. This link will take you to those essays.

You will also find other questions about WELS and LCMS in the Church and Ministry category of the Q & A section of this website.

You might also be interested in A Tale of Two Synods, a book that is available from Northwestern Publishing House.

Finally, if there is a WELS church in your new community, do contact the pastor. He will be glad to provide further information and answer your questions. God’s blessings on your relocation!