Conversation with son

Good Morning: My wife and I are concerned that our son is being scammed and that the conversation we have with him will be very difficult and we fear that it will drive him away. Do you have any guidance on how to start the conversation? Thank you.

One of my challenges in responding to you is that I do not know what kind of relationship exists between you and your son, or even the age of your son. Regardless, I would still encourage an open and honest conversation.

You and your wife could begin by reaffirming your love and concern for your son. It is finally love and concern that are driving your desire to speak to him about (potential) danger. You could explain that you want the best for your son and do not want to see him get hurt in any way—including being the victim of a scam.

If you do not have certain knowledge of what your son might be involved in, perhaps you could share with your son the information you do possess that leads you to be concerned about him. Your son could then react to that information: confirming or discounting it.

None of us can control how others will receive our words. What we can control is how we speak to others. In that regard, Scripture has much to say (for example, Ephesians 4:15; Colossians 4:6).

Since your pastor knows your circumstances better than I do, seeking his guidance would be beneficial for you and your wife. God bless your conversation with your son.