Concern for son

My son moved in with his wife before they were married. After they were married, it came to light that his wife is Wiccan. He has stopped coming to church. Our pastor is threatening to excommunicate him. He refuses to talk to us or our pastor about this. Furthermore, we suspect that he has also started practicing Wicca. What can we do?

I am sorry to hear about your situation. It sounds like you have contact with your son and his wife, but your son is limiting the topics of conversation. With that understanding, I will proceed.

I am wondering if there is a way that you can maintain contact with your son and his wife without regularly bringing up the topic of his spiritual life. Please don’t misunderstand me. What is going on in his spiritual life is serious and dangerous. He already knows that from previous conversations with you and his pastor. What your son really needs in his life is a regular Christian influence.

Although the apostle Peter was addressing wives and husbands, his words (1 Peter 3:1) can be applicable in a father-son relationship like yours. Let your son see your Christian faith and example. Certainly, share with him truths of Scripture as you can, but let him see your faith in action.

Beyond your example, are there other Christian friends, congregational members or family members who could reach out to your son with their Christian love and Christian witness? Who are the Christian people your son respects and might allow to offer Christian influence and conversation?

I probably don’t have to remind you to pray, so I will encourage you to think about enlisting the help of fellow Christians to ask God to work in your son’s heart (and the heart of your daughter-in-law). Pray that God brings about right attitudes and beliefs toward the Bible and the only Savior from sin, Jesus Christ. Neither you nor your pastor can change anyone’s heart, but God certainly can. I will join you in prayer that God does just that. God bless you.