Bible and family members

Hello. I am wanting to know about the Ray Comfort Bible. My family member calls himself a prophet. He says WELS does not practice evangelism. He changes the stories in the Bible to suppose this happened such as the birth of Christ. Upon looking into Ray Comfort he was described as not believing in God's Communion. I often feel trapped and talked down to as if he thinks he is a better Christian. I am concerned for him and another family member who shares similar views. Can you tell me how to handle this uncomfortable situation? What can I say and what should I not say? I know God sees all. But it bothers me he is leading people astray and actually thinks he's saving them. Ray Comfort's new Bible was recently given to a new family member, knowing I wouldn't like it. Can you help me in handling this in the proper manner?

As I am not familiar with that particular book, I am not able to pass along a reaction to it.

You can assure your family member that WELS is very much concerned about evangelism. While it is finally up to each Christian and each congregation to engage in evangelism, WELS as a church body certainly encourages it and provides resources. You can find some of those resources here. WELS Commission on Evangelism also operates a stand-alone website – What About Jesus?

When it comes to interacting with your family members, all I can suggest is that you listen to them to see how you can best point them to what Scripture teaches. Perhaps you could ask your new family member what he or she thinks of the Bible that was given. That person’s response could help guide what you say. You might even pass along the resources mentioned above.

Finally, if it is clear that your family member is leading other people astray, you will want to speak to that person: both for his or her good and the spiritual welfare of others (1 Timothy 5:20; 1 John 4:1-2). God’s blessings on your conversations.