Equipping congregations to reach all nations

Dear Friend,

Jesus commanded his disciples to go and make more disciples, some of whom would be from other nations. When we look around North America today, we see people from all nations residing among us! Our synod is prayerfully committed to answering Jesus’ call to reach lost souls with his salvation in our country and around the world. We look forward to seeing a great multitude from every nation, tribe, people, and language stand before Jesus in heaven.

Congregations are recognizing the changes in their communities and the need to build relationships with neighbors whose upbringing differs from their own. WELS has been assisting them by providing training in cross-cultural friendship evangelism in various cities. This training, using bilingual materials, is led by experienced guides who have worked in the languages and the cultures of the targeted people groups. Praise God that Chinese, Hispanic, Hmong, South Asian, Sudanese, and Vietnamese across North America are hearing the true Word of God in their own languages!

In order to continue carrying out this ministry, WELS Joint Missions invites your continued prayers and support. Jesus urged us to pray for workers to go out into the harvest field. Our congregations’ harvest fields are increasingly ripe with souls from all over the world! Pray with us that God would provide workers to reach these people. Pray that God would bless our efforts to equip congregations to go out with joy and confidence as they share the gospel. Pray that God would use you to reach someone new.

The apostle Paul was a world missionary to many nations. In his letters, Paul prayed in thanksgiving for the gifts made in support of the ministry. Like Paul, WELS missionaries regularly give thanks for the many partnerships in this gospel outreach. As you pray, consider also how you might support this work with your gifts.

The WELS Joint Mission Council seeks to bridge the outreach efforts between North America and other countries around the world. This work is funded through the WELS Missions Endowment Fund. Increasing annual distributions would allow WELS to bring pastors who we train overseas to our congregations to reach out to their cultural neighbors. Additionally, WELS can continue to train evangelists who will someday return to their native countries with the gospel.

Now is the time that people from all nations are searching for good news in a world they know is deeply flawed. Where will their help come from? May God allow us to show them that their help comes in the name of the Lord Jesus. Please prayerfully consider supporting this important mission of our church body with a gift to the WELS Missions Endowment Fund. With your support, we can continue to equip more WELS congregations and evangelists to reach all nations as they bring the good news to their neighbors.

Blessings in Jesus,
Rev. Neil Birkholz
WELS Asian Ministry Coordinator