He is Here! The Light – Week of January 27, 2020

The people walking in darkness
have seen a great light;
on those living in the land of deep darkness
a light has dawned.

Isaiah 9:2

January is a dark time of year. It is still the season of winter and the sun sets early. Many parts of the country have cold and cloudy weather. Families return to regular schedules. Christmas is over.

Isaiah was a prophet, a messenger sent by God to his people. During his time on earth, Isaiah served people that were going through the troubled times of war and defeat, and these struggles would last for years. Their homes would be destroyed, families killed, survivors held captive. For God’s people, those were very, very dark times.

And yet Isaiah pointed God’s people to the coming of Christ, and his words continue to do this for us today. Isaiah promised that a “new light” would come—Jesus! He delivered this great message: even though God’s people would have severe hardships on earth, Jesus would come and heal every wound.

God never promised that we or our students will not have darkness here on earth. We will have times of physical trials. Family members may get cancer. There may be financial strains such as house and car repairs, jobs lost, or money mismanaged. Sin will bring darkness too. Friends will have arguments, co-workers will disagree. We will gossip, hate, cheat. We will feel entitled to something God has not given to us or feel jealous. These are real, dark sins which afflict us all. But God promises that Jesus, the great light of the world will save us.

God will shatter all of our darkness when he comes again to take us to heaven, and God daily gives us a “new light” when we repent, and he forgives our many sins. This forgiveness comes as a gift from God through the birth of our Savior and his death on this cross. With this “dawning of light” comes great joy! The Great Light is here!

Your little ones, dear Lord, are we and come your lowly bed to see;
Enlighten ev’ry soul and mind that we the way to you may find.
Until at last we, too, proclaim with all your saints, your glorious name;
In paradise our songs renew and praise you as the angels do. Amen
Christian Worship 46:1, 4

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