Forgiven – Week of March 4, 2019

If you, O LORD, kept a record of sins, who could stand? But with you there is forgiveness, therefore you are feared.

Psal 130:3-4

It’s that time of year again. Parent-Teacher Conferences are just around the corner. Time to sit down with each family and visit with them about their child’s growth and development. As you prepare, you gather documentation of where each child is in their development. The pictures, the anecdotal records, and the work samplings all help you document their learning and growth. It also helps you track what they can and cannot do, what they need to work on and what they have done well.

Thankfully, our Heavenly Father does not keep a record like that. Because, if he did, “who could stand?” We all fall way short of God’s expectation—perfection. We all struggle with different things. We leave things undone. We shy away from difficult conversations as not to offend. We miss opportunities to share the message of Jesus, because we are afraid to push too hard. But thankfully, with God there is forgiveness. It is a gift from God. God assures us of the forgiveness of sins. These are such reassuring and comforting words. God answers our prayer for mercy. He is merciful to us!

If God were not forgiving, we as sinful beings could only run and hide from him in fright and horror. But instead our merciful God has forgiven us. We can stand before him forgiven. Because of his mercy, we praise and honor him. Because of him and his mercy and love, we can boldly share the message of salvation. We can proclaim his deeds to the children, the families we serve, and each other.


My guilt, O Father, you have laid
On Christ, your Son, my Savior.
Lord Jesus, you my debt have paid
And gained for me God’s favor.
O Holy Spirit, Fount of grace,
The good in me to you I trace;
In faith and hope preserve me. Amen.
Christian Worship 393:5

A Question to Consider: What are some ways you can reach out to families in your school? Is there a family struggling, dealing with illness, or looking anxious? How can you share Jesus’ love with them?

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