DSH Audio Visions

350x263-shopwels-dshDSH Audio Visions is not a retailer, nor are they an installing contractor. They have no equipment to sell, no sales quotas to meet. They do not represent any manufacturer or supplier.

DSH Audio Visions is an independent professional design consulting firm specializing in providing up-to-date, practical audio and video design solutions for churches, both contemporary and “classic” reverberant types. From our position “on the point” DSH Audio Visions will work with the client to develop a master-plan design, qualify bidders, then assist the client and the selected installing contractor with implementing the plan in the most effective ways possible.

The ultimate goal is to allow every worshiper to hear and see clearly, from wherever they sit, via systems that blend into the room’s architecture and that work well within the acoustical environment. Learn more about DSH Audio Visions.

For more information, contact David Hosbach, president, principle design consultant by e-mail or by phone at 414-732-8448.

DSH Audio Visions brochure (PDF)

DSH Audio Visions ad (PDF


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