Districts hold summer meetings

Summer is here, and that means the convention season in the synod has arrived.

During the next two weeks most of the synod’s 12 districts will be holding either district conventions or district pastor/teacher conferences. In addition to hearing doctrinal essays and presentations, these meetings will feature discussion of some of the issues and proposals that will come before the synod convention at the end of July.

The convention business is summarized in the Book of Reports and Memorials. This book contains reports from all areas of the synod’s ministry, not only describing what has been done in the past two years but also outlining future plans. A printed copy of the Book of Reports and Memorials has been distributed to all pastors, male teachers, congregations, and convention delegates. If you are interested in reviewing this material yourself, it is available online at wels.net/2017synodconvention.

Along with the regular reports from areas of ministry, the 2017 convention will be dealing with several special issues. A special committee tasked with conducting a thorough review and analysis of the Ministry of Christian Giving will present its report and recommendations. The Compensation Review Committee will be recommending changes to the synod’s compensation guidelines. Our synod will formally declare fellowship with three Lutheran church bodies (South Asian Lutheran Evangelical Mission, East Asia Lutheran Synod, and the Lutheran Church of Ethiopia). A new long-range plan providing guidance for the synod’s ministry until the year 2025 will be adopted. The convention will approve a ministry financial plan (budget) based on the plans that have been made and the resources available. In addition to all of those things, the Conference of Presidents and Synodical Council have submitted recommendations for a number of bylaw changes.

We pray that God would guide the discussions and decisions at these meetings for the good of his church.

Serving in Christ,
President Mark Schroeder




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