Disasters provide opportunity to show Christian love

Storm damage in Wisconsin has given WELS members the opportunity to show Christ’s love in their communities.

On Aug. 20-21, more than 11 inches of rain fell in a 24-hour time period in Dane County. In some areas, residents were evacuated to higher ground. Homes and vehicles were flooded.

St. Andrew, Middleton, Wis., worked with WELS Christian Aid and Relief to provide help to their neighbors. On Aug. 25, more than 200 volunteers coordinated by St. Andrew helped their community members clean up following the storm.

“As Christians, all our earthly possessions may be swept away in 35 minutes or less,” says Elizabeth Zambo of Christian Aid and Relief, “but our faith, that is anchored to the Rock, will remain secure. These people that have experienced flooding are now being emotionally, physically, and spiritually challenged. I am always amazed when I see the people soon after the disaster strikes and then witness the changes that occur in their faith and attitude over the days, weeks, and months after the disaster. Not only do the people suffering from the flooding grow in their faith, but those who are assisting those in need realize they too are growing in their faith.”

In a report to his members following the clean-up effort, Rev. Kelly Huet, a pastor at St. Andrew, noted, “Lives and communities were impacted today because of your love for Jesus.” St. Andrew is continuing to offer help as homes are now being rebuilt.

On Aug. 28, 17 tornadoes touched down in Wisconsin, including one F2 tornado outside of Brownsville in Dodge County. The church property and parsonage of St. Paul, Brownsville, sustained damage from the high winds and downed trees, but no one was injured.

On Sept. 1, the congregation coordinated an effort with Christian Aid and Relief to offer aid to its neighbors who suffered damage from the storm and to help clear its property. The effort brought together 85 WELS members, including many from surrounding areas. Community members also joined in, as well as a group from Stillwater, Minn., who brought one of Christian Aid and Relief’s trailers. These trailers are stocked with items such as chainsaws, generators, rakes, brooms, ropes, buckets, helmets, and gloves.

The Brownsville community was grateful for the volunteers’ help. Many were overwhelmed by the number of trees that needed to be cleared from their property.

To learn more about WELS Christian Aid and Relief and to support their work, visit wels.net/relief. To see more photos and videos from these relief efforts, visit facebook.com/WELSChristianAidAndRelief.


WELS CAR - Brownsville, Wis.




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