Design Fugitives

Design Fugitives is a collaboration of high-tech, architecturally-trained commercial artists who design and fabricate architectural-scale art that leaves a legacy. They specialize in suspended atrium sculptures, 3D wall coverings, ecclesiastic art, and LED fixtures—but will gladly consider any project that pushes the boundaries of what architectural art can communicate.

The Design Fugitives approach is to use technology and fabrication techniques to create one-of-a-kind pieces that capture the disposition of their clients in regard to an art piece while creating an extraordinary viewing experience. They have worked with churches, schools, businesses, and individuals to create thought provoking art.

Contact Paul Mattek and share a little bit about what you are trying to design or make. It doesn’t matter how in-depth your project—whether you have a napkin sketch, a pipe-dream, or a fully drawn CAD model—he is excited to talk to you!

Paul can be reach at or 414-377-3977.

Design highlights


Pentecost Mobile

The Pentecost Mobile was designed for Good Shepherd, West Allis, Wisconsin.

Pentecost can sometimes be the forgotten holiday of the church year.  The Festival of Pentecost is 50 days after Easter. Compared with the boisterous celebrations of  Easter and Christmas, Pentecost is a relatively minor affair. It also often occurs during the busy time of the year: just at the end of Spring and all the activities that come with the end of the school year. So it’s easy to pass by Pentecost without much fanfare. A piece of art, like this Pentecost mobile, which is unveiled each year on the Festival of Pentecost, helps to mark Pentecost as a very special event in the life of the church. As we welcome the bright, vivid colors, we are reminded of the excitement on the first Pentecost when the apostles spoke with so much joy declaring the wonders of God.

Much like the Christmas trees that come and go with the season of Christmas, the Pentecost mobile helps us focus on what Pentecost means in worship. When we come to worship, we are celebrating what God has done for us: how he has come to us with his powerful word, how he sends us his Holy Spirit to create faith and sustain faith, how he sets us on fire to go and share the good news of Jesus in the world. The dove of the Pentecost mobile reminds us of the Holy Spirit when he took the form of a dove and lighted on Jesus at his baptism. The flames of fire surrounding the dove remind us of the tongues of fire that rested on the heads of the apostles. The location of the mobile is above the lectern where the proclamation of God’s Word is given, reminding us that the Holy Spirit works through the Word of God. The Holy Spirit is living and active when we come into the presence of God in worship. Learn more

Wheat Screen

The Wheat Screen was part of a relatively recent renovation project at Atonement, Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

The full church re-design set out to preserve a consistency with the original 1959 design and enhance the focal points for worship, while also creating greater flexibility for present and future worshipers to become an engaged part of the welcoming and worshiping environment of Atonement.

The Wheat Screen behind the altar is a symbol of living in the shadow of the cross. Wheat carries multiple meanings in Scriptures. Among them are the following: God’s abundant provisions for our lives (Psalm 147:14, Matthew 6:11); Sharing your harvest with the poor (Leviticus 23:22); Our firstfruit offerings of thanks to God (Leviticus 27:30); The sin offering to make atonement for sin (Leviticus 5:12-13); Jesus the seed that has to die to give us life (John 12:24); Jesus the bread of life (John 6:32-58); The Lord’s Supper/ communion – Take Eat/one loaf, one body (1 Corinthians 10:15-16, 11:20-26); The Impact of the Word and work of God on our hearts and lives (Isaiah 55:10, Mark 4:26); Expectations of what he will do with what we plant in our lives (Eccl 11:6, 2 Corinthians 9:10); Bearing “fruit” (first the stalk, the head, then the full kernel) (Mark 4:7, 28; John 15:5, 8, 28); Our mission – workers in the harvest field (Matthew 9:37-38); The final Judgment – reaping the harvest (Matthew 3:12; 13:39).


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