Deadline approaching for hymns feedback

May 1 is the final deadline to submit feedback about the WELS Hymnal Project’s initial decision about which of the 700 currently published hymns in Christian Worship (CW) and Christian Worship: Supplement (CWS) will be included in the new hymnal.

For the past 10 months the WELS Hymnal Project has been posting a selection of hymns online, indicating which hymns are slated to be kept and which are slated to be cut. WELS members were then encouraged to choose up to ten hymns that had been cut from each list that they wanted to see kept in the new hymnal. So far the WELS Hymnal Project has received almost 7,000 responses.

Currently, 470 hymns from CW and CWS have been slated to be included in the next hymnal. These selections will account for about two-thirds of the approximately 650 total hymns, with the remaining one-third consisting of hymns or hymn settings new to WELS. According to Rev. Jon Bauer, a member of the Hymnal Project’s communication committee, members of the WELS Hymnal Project reviewed words and music from all existing CW and CWS hymns, sought usage data from all congregations, and conducted a “favorite hymns” survey before putting together the initial list.

“This feedback will be one last important piece of information for helping us determine the final hymn list,” says Bauer.

He continues, “The results of these feedback forms will be shared with the members of the executive committee for their review. We will evaluate which hymns garnered the most interest in being kept as part of our final decision on the hymns list.”

The targeted release date for the pew edition of the new hymnal is Advent 2021.

Submit your feedback on the initial list of hymns at