Creator of heaven and earth

Did God create the world and all that we see? Did it appear without any supernatural intervention? Creation or evolution? How often have we encountered that question in our time!

Some think that it is possible to prove the answer to the question through cold factual research. Then the proof will be beyond question. But the evidence is not that clear cut. Creationists point to the inconsistencies in the scientific data that evolutionists claim is overwhelming. Evolutionists do the same thing to creationists’ arguments. It comes down to believing one approach or the other, not proving one or the other.

An evolutionist believes a theory of origins without any god to make it all happen out of nothing. From the perspective of the scientific model, that’s a reasonable approach—an explanation of the data—even when some of the evidence does not fit the explanation. Creationists believe a narrative of origins that includes a God to make it all happen out of nothing. But here too, the data is troubling at times.

We weren’t there when it happened. There are no firsthand eyewitnesses—at least human eyewitnesses. We claim that God was there, and we believe the account he gave to Moses in Genesis. But without that, we have to speculate about what happened. Both require belief in something: a process or God.

I confess every Sunday that I believe that God created heaven and earth. I do that because God tells me that’s what he did. Humbly I look at the world and the universe I can see and read about and conclude, “Wow! What a wonderful beautiful world. God made that all for me—for us.”

Then when I read his account and references to creation he sprinkles throughout the Bible, I find a comforting truth. I am a creature of God: someone in whom he has taken special interest. He gave me “my body and soul, eyes, ears, and all my members, my mind and all my abilities” (Explanation of the First Article). I owe him a lot.

My belief that I am a creature God created ties me to God. I have a responsibility to him: “For all this I ought to thank and praise, to serve and obey him.” My outlook is different from those who hold a belief in an evolutionary process without God. As a believer in “God the . . . Maker of heaven and earth” I find a God-connection to all his commandments.

But I believe these things because God had done something more than provide heaven and earth as a place to live. He decided in love to make me more than just a creature of his powerful hand. He decided to redeem me and all people so we could live with him forever. He sent his Son, Jesus, to claim me and make me his dear child, one who can call him “Father” in the deepest and fullest sense of that relationship. I treasure that tie with God, as his child in Christ, even more than the tie with him as his creature. He has “purchased and won me from all sins, from death, and the power of the devil” (Explanation of the Second Article).

If I can look up at the starry host of heaven and exclaim, “Wow!” I have no difficulty expanding that exclamation: “What an awesome God!” He’s made me his child and wants me to be with him forever. It’s that relationship with God I do not wish to abandon. When he tells me he created the world, I believe it. I simply trust his Word because he loved me more than I deserve.


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Author: John A. Braun
Volume 101, Number 11
Issue: November 2014

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