Congregations reaching out with My Son, My Savior

More than 75,000 copies of WELS’ newest outreach movie, My Son, My Savior, have been sold since its release in October. Congregations across the United States and around the world are using this film as an Advent outreach tool.

350x263-Together-MSMSpremiere2My Son, My Savior portrays Mary experiencing and pondering the miracle of Jesus’ coming and then humbly growing in her understanding that her son is also her Savior. The main message for viewers is that Jesus is their Savior too.

Congregations are ordering bulk quantities of the DVD and distributing them to members and prospects. Some congregations are handing the DVDs out before or after services. St. Luke, Watertown, Wis., handed them out to community members during the local Christmas parade. St. Paul, Mauston, Wis., gave the DVDs to neighbors as they canvassed in nearby Adams and Friendship. Redeemer, Tucson, Ariz., gave the movie to each person who drove through the congregation’s live nativity.

Other congregations are sponsoring showings of the movie. Our Savior, Grafton, Wis., hosted two free showings of My Son, My Savior on Dec. 13 at a local theater.

WELS created a number of free resources to complement the movie, and congregations are taking advantage of those as well. Living Hope, Brighton, Colo., held an Advent by candlelight event on Dec. 5 with the program released by WELS Evangelism. As Judi Sullivan, a member of Living Hope, notes, “We are a small mission congregation and have never put together our own Advent by candlelight, so this was a very uplifting event for our group of 18 women. To have the entire program written along with suggested hymns for each scene and the readings from the Bible for lighting each candle is just marvelous. Thank you. . . . This is so beneficial for all WELS women.”350x263-Together-MSMSpremiere3

The Spanish-language version of My Son, My Savior has been well received in Mexico. On Dec. 13, Glorified Christ in Puebla, Mexico, one of WELS’ sister churches, hosted a showing of the film. In addition to viewing the film, attendees learned how to share the movie with others and use the corresponding Spanish-language Bible study.

The Latin America mission team also released My Son, My Savior on its Spanish-language outreach site, In the first 60 hours after its release, the site had 3,929 views of the movie and 2,234 downloads of the movie along with 790 views of the corresponding Spanish-language Bible study. Missionaries and pastors had 115 live chats with visitors to

Rev. Mike Hartman, WELS coordinator for Latin America, says that the reaction to this movie has been “extraordinarily positive in Latin America. Latinos who have seen the movie have repeatedly said, ‘This movie meets a huge need for Latin America.’ Latinos are very devoted to the virgin Mary, but few actually know her.”

If you or your congregation would like to use My Son, My Savior, visit to find links to purchase the movie and to see all the resources available to assist you. A bulk discount is available so that the purchase price is only $2 per DVD when bought in boxes of 100.

My Son, My Savior is the third in a series of four outreach movies that are planned as a collaboration between WELS Commissions on Evangelism and Adult Discipleship, Northwestern Publishing House, WELS Multi-Language Publications, and Boettcher+Trinklein Television, Inc. The first two movies, Road to Emmaus and Come Follow Me, have been distributed worldwide and received critical acclaim from a number of Christian film groups.