Chromebooks managed with GoGuardian

Troxell Communications is eager to share an essential security product with our school Technology Directors and teachers in our growing 1:1 classroom settings—GoGuardian. In the classroom or off-campus, GoGuardian makes teaching and technology management easier, safer, and more fun.

The need for powerful, easy-to-use device management tools is greater than ever. From device assignment and repair tracking, to helping with CIPA-compliant web filtering and classroom management, many schools often end up using a patchwork of tools and apps to accomplish their strategic technology goals.

With a full suite of position-tailored products designed and built just for Chromebooks, GoGuardian makes it easy for schools to manage large or small device deployments, keep your students safer online, and gain valuable insights into how your technology program is working. Learn more


  • GoGuardian Admin: Web content filtering, internet activity monitoring, and theft recovery
  • GoGuardian Teacher: Classroom management and collaboration
  • GoGuardian Fleet: Asset management for Chrome devices
  • GoGuardian Director: Education app usage and engagement analytics

Note: Licensing is per student Chromebook.

GoGuardian (PDF)