Christian Aid and Relief responds to floods and hurricane

In the last two months, flooding in Louisiana has left tens of thousands of people with damaged or no homes, and Hurricane Matthew left wreckage in its wake. Christian Aid and Relief has volunteers rebuilding flood-damaged homes in the Baton Rouge, La., area and is assessing needs on the East Coast following the hurricane.

WELS Christian Aid and Relief volunteers are making their dent in the Louisiana damage and letting their light shine as they make repairs, such as replacing drywall and repairing electrical work and plumbing. So far volunteers have made repairs to two homes and have five or six more to work on before they wrap up the work in November.

“These are friends of congregation members [from Cross of Glory, Baton Rouge, La.]. It’s a great outreach opportunity. These people are really, really thankful that we’re able to come down and help them, and some of them are completely unchurched and they’re saying they’ve been looking for a church,” says Mr. Mark Vance, Christian Aid and Relief director of operations.

The effort is still accepting volunteers who can come for about 10-day stretches between now and Nov. 20. Volunteers are coordinated through Kingdom Workers. Visit to sign up.

Projects related to Hurricane Matthew damage have not yet begun as assessment is still underway. WELS members in the hurricane’s path are thankful that damage to their homes and churches has been minor, says Vance.

In addition to U.S. congregations, Christian Aid and Relief has been in contact with a national pastor and two orphanage directors in Haiti, which was particularly hard hit by the hurricane. A grant has been made to assist with food needs.

To learn more about WELS Christian Aid and Relief or to help support its efforts, visit



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