Charity with stability

A charitable gift annuity (CGA) is set up in such a way that you can find joy in supporting WELS ministry while also resting easy thanks to the stability provided by this type of giving instrument:

  • Partially tax-free payments to you or someone you designate during your lifetime
  • Payments for the rest of your life (or, in the case of a two-life CGA, payments continue for the lifetimes of both annuitants), no matter how long
  • Backed by all the assets of WELS Foundation
  • Stable payments, even if investment markets slump
  • A significant income tax charitable deduction on this year’s return

And the process for setting up a CGA is simple. Call your local WELS Christian giving counselor for personalized assistance. A minimum gift amount of $10,000 will start your guaranteed quarterly payments, which you can even have automatically deposited into your bank. At the end of your life, when the Lord takes you to heaven, the remainder of the gift will go to the WELS ministry or ministries that you designate.