CEF special rates ending soon

Earlier this year, the WELS Church Extension Fund (CEF) announced special rates for new investors to help meet the funding needs of new and growing missions in North America. CEF makes loans below or at market rates for WELS churches that are either new missions and building for the first time or established congregations with a new mission-focused initiative.

CEF funds these loans through WELS congregations’ and members’ investments in CEF products. With the need for funds increasing, CEF has been offering special terms and rates for new investments to raise an additional $8 to $12 million in investments.

Members have far exceeded the goal with more than $18 million in new investments. CEF plans to retire the special rates on Sept. 30, 2017, but there is still time to invest. Investment options include expanded terms for loan certificates and retirement/IRA certificates. One of the features of this special offer includes an annual interest rate that is distributed and compounds quarterly.

“CEF wants to thank everyone who has invested in 2017. If you are not an investor in CEF, this is a great opportunity to support ministry. If you are already an investor, this is a great opportunity to increase your support of ministry by increasing your investments” says Mr. Scott Page, director of WELS CEF. “Congregations are eager to grow, and now’s the time to fund that need.”

Investing in WELS CEF is not only a smart way to manage personal finances; it also supports the mission of the church. Rev. Keith Free, administrator for WELS Home Missions, says, “The continued investments of more WELS members and congregation gives CEF additional funds to support missions and mission-minded congregations.”

Rates vary by the initial investment amount and term length. View rates online. Plus, investors can manage their accounts and invest online.




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