Behind the Scenes


That’s the word we hear from Milton after sitting down with him and talking about the needs of our mission here in Cameroon. He usually says it with a smile and then heads out with list in hand. What follows is often the sound of a drill, a hammer, a welding machine, or maybe the motorbike if we’ve sent Milton on an errand.

While on furlough, missionaries often make presentations around the U.S. about their foreign mission field at Mission Festivals, as part of special worship services, or mission focused Bible studies. A common comment from members is, “I couldn’t do what you do.” We are humbled to hear those words because there are so many “behind the scenes” people – who you may never meet – that work tirelessly to ensure world missions run smoothly. We think of people stateside like Carolyn and Kasey at the Center for Missions and Ministry (CMM) office and Tim who volunteers his time to ensure financial organization for all the Africa mission fields. Our children who know we can’t be there for yet another Parent’s Day at school, or any holiday for that matter and plenty of others stateside whose names we won’t share in this post (word limit)!

And then there’s Milton Ngole.

Milton began serving our mission in Kumba in 1999 as an on-call handyman. Missionaries soon realized his desire to learn and offered him full-time employment in 2001. Milton will try anything: electrical, carpentry, mechanics, contracting, serving as an envoy between the mission and the government on necessary documentation and even the mundane tasks like caring for the dogs. Repeatedly, if necessary. That’s not a bad reminder for all of us – and maybe especially – in our spiritual lives as the Lord strengthens us in his Word, we can, “do all things through Him who gives me(us) strength” (Philippians 4:13).  I can’t does not belong in our vocabulary as Christians.

Fortunately, Milton’s desire to learn also includes the scriptures. He was confirmed in 2010 by the late Missionary Dan Myers and now serves as the congregational chairman. God brought Juliet into Milton’s life and she was taught and confirmed under Missionary Joel Hoff. Milton and Juliet’s daughter Marion turned one year old in June.

Milton is steady and faithful, and an extremely important part of our work. He doesn’t need a lot of accolades or recognition. He works for the Lord, not for men (Colossians 3:23), so that our message can move freely as we work together to build the Lord’s Kingdom through the Lutheran Church of Cameroon.

Observing Milton’s work reminds us often of the variety of gifts the Lord uses to build His kingdom. So, what about you? What gifts do you have? How do you use them to accomplish the Lord’s work here on earth? From those of us in Cameroon, we thank you for doing all you can do stateside, as the Lord himself empowers you to His glory.

By: Dan and Karen Kroll
Kumba, Cameroon

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