ASUS Chromebooks for education

If you are currently in the market for Chromebooks for your school, Troxell recommends the ASUS C202. The reason? The ASUS C202 is ruggedized, it comes with a spill proof keyboard, the processor is fast, and it has an 11-hour battery that gets through the school day. Cost: $175 each.  See ASUS C202 (PDF).

If you are starting to consider needs for an 11.6-inch screen, touch sensitive Chromebook in the 2017-18 school year, you will want to keep the new ASUS C213 in mind. The ASUS C213 is ruggedized (best in class military spec drop test), touch sensitive, has a 12-hour battery, has 4GB, and is outfitted with gorilla glass. It is so new that ASUS has not released the pricing yet. See ASUS C213 (PDF).

A few things you might like to know about ASUS as a product provider through Troxell:

  • ASUS provides great service on broken or defective Chromebooks; they offer a 1-year warranty on all their Chromebooks. See ASUS service program (PDF).
  • ASUS offers bulk pricing on all WELS orders no-matter the size of the purchase. (This is the only manufacturer that Troxell works with that is willing to partner with WELS at this level of commitment).

For further information or to place an order, contact Chris Hunt—our Troxell account executive—at or 262-228-7628.