There’s an endowment for you

WELS Foundation offers several options allowing individuals, families, churches, and WELS-affiliated organizations to provide ongoing support to WELS ministries.

  • WELS endowments – Contribute to one of the synod-established endowments providing regular support and stability for missions, ministerial education, and the operating fund.
  • Donor designated endowments – Through WELS Foundation, an individual or family can establish an endowment for the benefit of WELS ministries they designate, such as their church, school, and synod.
  • Congregation endowments – A church or WELS organization can also establish an endowment to benefit local causes like community outreach, scholarships, and building maintenance, as well as wider synod efforts.

For free assistance with a gift or setting up an endowment, contact your local WELS Christian giving counselor.