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Allied-100-Logo350X263Allied 100, LLC has joined the ShopWELS program to provide an affordable way for WELS churches, schools, organizations, and individual members to acquire life-saving AEDs (Automated External Defibrillators) through their website When used in conjunction with CPR, AEDs are critical to the survival of victims of sudden cardiac arrest. Sudden cardiac arrest can happen to anyone, at any time, regardless of age or physical fitness.

Amber Neller, Account Executive
1-800-991-6584 (rings direct to her desk)

Amber is happy to answer any and all questions you may have about AEDs in general, and work with you to find the right units for your location!

Meet our WELS Account Executive at Allied 100

Amber Neller is the WELS contact for Allied 100 and the AED Superstore. Recently she was a guest speaker on the ehealth radio network and the discussion centered around an ECG being an important piece of the puzzle. Read more about Amber and listen to the podcast on the ehealth radio network.

Product highlights




Allied 100, LLC carries every FDA-cleared make and model AED on the market, as well as the replacement parts and accessories for those AEDs. They also offer Value Packages which include items like cabinets, signage, and pediatric pads, depending on the package you choose.


Arch™ AED Medical Direction and Program Management provides full medical direction from a team of state-specific physicians and handles all of your Good Samaritan administrative requirements. Arch’s easy-to-use web based platform allows you to view or update your AED’s information such as expiration dates of electrode pads and batteries, AED placement maps, readiness checks, status tracking of trained responders, certification expiration dates, and more!


Want to offer training to your staff, teachers or congregation members? Through Annuvia, an Allied 100, LLC company, you can arrange CPR/AED training that comes to your location! They have hand-selected American Heart Association certified instructors in all 50 states!

Special offer

Use coupon code WELS100 to receive $100 off the purchase of a new AED or AED Value Package!


Use coupon code WELSACC to receive 10% off the purchase of most AED replacement supplies and accessories if you already have an AED at your church or school!

Interested in Arch or Training? Contact Amber directly for a discounted quote and mention ShopWELS.

BONUS! Any WELS congregation member can use these codes regardless of where the AED will be placed. If you need one for your business, or if you would like to purchase one for your home, as a gift, or for a charitable cause, these coupon codes are valid. Working with a service organization? This offer is extended to them as well. Allied 100, LLC is committed to putting as many AEDs as possible in the community, where they can make a difference, so they are happy to extend this offer and work with the ShopWELS program to make it affordable!


Why does the synod need a purchasing program like ShopWELS? Find answers to your questions in the ShopWELS FAQ section.


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