ALHS Online

ALHS Online is a collaborative effort of the WELS Association of Lutheran High Schools (ALHS) to offer quality, Christian online high school level courses.

Through ALHS Online, schools can share quality online courses and qualified instructors, thus strengthening each school’s individual program of instruction and curriculum. Public and home school students can also enroll in courses to supplement their education.

Philosophy of ALHS Online
ALHS Online is another means the high schools use to carry out the Lord’s directive to do nurture and outreach. The online series of courses will be designed and taught from a Scriptural perspective. Every opportunity will be used to strengthen those who are Christians and reach out to those who do not as yet know and believe that Jesus is their Savior. Thus this program will, the Lord willing, strengthen the WELS’ ministry and also strengthen the high schools and the ALHS.

This online education program provides the high schools that comprise the ALHS with the opportunity to work together by sharing courses and instructors and thus make the unity even stronger.

This online program will also give teachers who are not serving as a called teacher in a Lutheran school the opportunity to serve their Lord, high school students, and the church by teaching online courses.

Goals of ALHS Online
The ALHS Online strives to:

  1. Achieve recognition as an entity which offers high quality online courses for high school students.
  2. Develop a curriculum which meets the needs of the target audience.
  3. Deliver courses which are taught from the Scriptural perspective.
  4. Assemble a cadre of teachers qualified to teach online courses.
  5. See to it that the necessary infrastructure, including hardware, software, and support personnel, are in place to facilitate quality online instruction
  6. Develop a cost-effective self-sustaining program.

Learn more on the ALHS Online Web site.