A lifelong Christian resource

Northwestern Publishing House has released a new edition of Luther’s Catechism. While retaining the strengths of the familiar blue catechism in use for many years, this completely rewritten exposition promotes a lifelong study of the catechism for a new generation.

Rev. Stephen Geiger, a professor at Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary and one of the contributors to the new catechism, says, “The catechism takes divine teachings found in so many places in Scripture’s 66 books and arranges truth in an orderly way, with key Bible verses leading the reader to God’s answers for catechetical questions. Where helpful, lengthier explanations probe and explain key points of understanding.”

New to this edition of the catechism is a section titled “Connections” at the end of each unit. As Rev. Joel Otto, Geiger’s colleague at Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary and a fellow contributor to the new catechism, notes, “The ‘Connections’ section is meant to be devotional in nature. There is a short paragraph introducing a larger section of Scripture, usually from Bible history. Then, there are a couple of thought questions designed to elicit discussion. A quote from Luther follows and then a few stanzas from a hymn. This is my favorite addition to the new edition. It is my prayer that this can become the basis for home devotion with catechism students and their families or serve people in a lifelong use of the catechism.”

The new catechism also includes color images and diagrams for visual learners. It is available with Bible passages in both English Standard Version and New International Version (2011) translations. A student workbook titled “Catechism Connections” and a downloadable file with the book’s diagrams are available for those who use the book during confirmation instruction. An e-book version of the catechism itself will be released later this year. Other contributors to the new catechism include Rev. Ray Schumacher and Rev. John Braun, both editors at Northwestern Publishing House.

Geiger reminds Christians, “The Small Catechism is for you. It always has been. With this new edition, you can rediscover those treasures that are and, with God’s gracious blessing, always will be the foundation of your faith.”

To learn more and to order your copy, visit nph.net/catechism or call 800-662-6022.