A journalist converts

We were providing relief to landslide victims in one of the most remote areas of this country. A journalist came to report on the relief effort. He stayed with our contact in a small hut for four days. They slept in the same room and ate meals together. They had many opportunities to talk about Christianity.

Then news came that our contact’s three-year old daughter died suddenly and unexpectedly. He was torn over what to do. Should he go back to be with his wife and comfort her? Or should he stay to help with the relief effort the next day and tell tomorrow’s gathering of 350 people about Jesus? I advised him to go back and be with his wife, though the journey to his home required 2-3 days of travel and he would miss the funeral. He appreciated my advice, but he decided to stay.

People were surprised when they saw him the next day. One man told him to his face, “You are a bad father.” The question on everyone’s mind was: “Why are you here?” “Because of Christ,” he said. “I know where my daughter is. She is in heaven. And I want you to have the comfort I have when you or your loved one dies.” He then told them the gospel—how Christ died and rose again to forgive our sins and to give us an eternal home in heaven. The people listened with unusual attentiveness. Two days later he shared the same message with a group of 300 people who had gathered for another relief effort.

He and his wife grieved deeply over the sudden death of their daughter—a grief only other parents who have lost children know. But he says, “The greatest peace I have known in the year after my daughter’s death is when I told the people at the two relief projects about Jesus.” For 8 months he had trouble sleeping through the night, always getting up to check on his daughter, as he did when she was alive. But they have great comfort in their loss and God is slowly bringing peace to their hearts.

The reporter was surprised when our contact stayed with the crowds of people and did not return home for nearly a week. As they rode in the car together, he asked him why he did not go back. Again he shared the gospel. Then the reporter told him about his sister who was sick. They prayed for her. By the grace of God and according to his will, his sister is now feeling better.

The reporter still goes with our contact to various relief projects. At Christmastime the reporter called and said, “I am a Christian! I don’t want to do any idol-worshipping.” So now he is a believer. Our contact warned him about the many who call themselves Christians in this country and teach doctrines contrary to the Bible. He joined our fellowship and last Saturday he began a house church in his home. He invited his relatives. He told them, “I am a Christian.”

Written by the WELS Friendly Counselor to South Asia


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