A high quality evangelism resource

My Son, My Savior, the WELS outreach film released in October, is now being broadcast in countries around the world via satellite, cable, and the World Wide Web. With more than 85,000 copies of the DVD distributed for outreach, the film has also become a popular method of evangelism for congregations in the United States and Canada.

“The main message of the movie is that Jesus is the world’s Savior from sin and death,” says Rev. Mike Hintz, director of the WELS Commission on Evangelism. “It’s thrilling to observe the wide distribution of the movie and for many thousands of people, even millions worldwide, to hear that life-giving message.”

Rev. Fred Guldberg, pastor at Star of Bethlehem, Winston Salem, N.C., comments, “My Son, My Savior is extremely well done. These WELS outreach movies are an incredible resource. I am able to use these for my congregation and for outreach. [The movies] remind our people of the efficacy of the Word and give our people very high quality tools for evangelism that they are proud to share.”

Rev. Jonathan Hein, pastor at Beautiful Savior, Summerville, S.C., agrees. “My Son, My Savior is very well done and affordable,” says Hein. He explains that his congregation gave two copies of the DVD to every member, encouraging them to pray about unchurched friends, family, and neighbors with whom they could share the film and then invite to a future worship service or church event.

Congregations receive a bulk discount so that the purchase price is only two dollars per DVD when bought in boxes of 100. Visit wels.net/mysonmysavior to find links to purchase the movie and to see all the resources available to assist congregations and individuals to use the movie as an outreach tool, including a small group study resource, a personal reflection guide, and a four-session Bible study.

Hintz notes, “A recurring theme in the movie is that Jesus is the Lamb of God who was led to slaughter to take away the sin of the world. That message is the heart of the gospel. Therefore, My Son, My Savior is beneficial for seeing, studying, and sharing at any time of year.”

My Son, My Savior is the third in a series of four outreach movies that are planned as a collaboration between WELS Commissions on Evangelism and Adult Discipleship, Northwestern Publishing House, WELS Multi-Language Publications, and Boettcher+Trinklein Television, Inc. The first two movies, Road to Emmaus and Come Follow Me, have been distributed worldwide and received critical acclaim from a number of Christian film groups.