64th biennial WELS convention concludes

The synod convention has come and gone, but what happened there will continue to provide direction and encouragement for our synod’s work for the next two years.

With the 500th anniversary of the Lutheran Reformation taking center stage in worship and in presentations, the Reformation themes of “grace alone, faith alone, Scripture alone, and Christ alone” were never far from the minds of the delegates. The convention was an opportunity for our synod to thank God for what he did through Martin Luther and to recommit ourselves to the truths that Luther taught.

All would agree that one of the high points was the formal declaration of fellowship between our synod and three Lutheran church bodies from around the world. Delegates heard and saw presentations by representatives of the Lutheran Church of Ethiopia, the South Asian Lutheran Evangelical Mission, and the East Asia Lutheran Synod. After the three resolutions declaring fellowship were approved, the delegates rose to sing, “God’s Word Is Our Great Heritage.”

In this edition of Together, you will see reports and articles detailing the actions and decisions of the convention. You can read about the ways that God has blessed our synod in the past two years and learn about the opportunities that he continues to place before us.

Serving in Christ,
President Mark Schroeder




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